A2A Annual Church Survey - as at 30 June (2018)


The state of our movement is important to us and we appreciate your co-operation in completing the following survey (state as of 30 June 2018).  Details are only for use internally within A2A and will not be shared with other participants. Our aim is that through this survey we will have a better understanding of the different qualities, challenges and strengths that each A2A church has and therefore we can better support each other.

Church and Contact details

Ministries - Does your church have the following ministries?

Service Attendance - What is Your Normal Weekend Service Attendance (unique Individuals) Est. Attend.

A2A Core Values - Kingdom Performance Indicators

Leadership Development and Equipping

Evangelism and Disciple Making

Finances and Property - Please answer the following as at 30 June


Credentialed Ministers - List the A2A Credentialed Ministers In Your Church

Completed by

Anything further

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
Tim O’Neill
President, A2A