Annual Credential Re-Application (Created June 2018)

An A2A Minister’s Credential is a privilege and is issued at the discretion of the A2A National
Leadership Team. Applications should completed online through the link provided (An annual credential
fee is payable as per the invoice sent & as noted in the financial policy).

By submitting this form you will be applying for the credential that you currently hold to be maintained.

Ongoing Development

Points for Professional Development will be awarded to activities within the various categories, with credentialed ministers being required to attain a minimum of 6 points per annum. Different categories have different weightings and a maximum for that category (see matrix at 3.6.5 in the A2A Ministry Manual).


Over a three year period all categories should be engaged, with the exception of graduate or post graduate study. If the six points required are exceeded in a year, up to 3 points can be carried over to the next year.


The Ministry Manual provides for the following activities to give rise to the number of points as follows; Conferences or Trailing > 1 day 2 points; Seminars or Training <= 1 day 1 point; Formal Study 6 points, Mentoring or Coaching 3 points, Books 1 point (max 2 books and 2 points). Further details are in section 2.6 of the ministry Manual

Working With Children

Ministry Declarations

Has anything changed in your standing since you were last credentialed as a minister with A2A that would disqualify or impede your functioning as a Christian Minister of Religion or has any event occurred that would disqualify you from ministry as defined by the A2A Ministry Manual?

Tip: A2A Ministerial Code of Conduct: We are a professional body of ministers serving the Lord through the fellowship of A2A. As a professional minister of God’s Word to God’s people we are committed to - Serving the Lord and His people with moral uprightness by observing the highest Professional Ministry Ethics Ministering with integrity by adhering to safe ministry practices when dealing with all people Prioritising our families before ministry by continually modelling marriage and reconciliation Operating our financial affairs with prudence with a clear distinction between personal and ministry arrangements Developing our gifts through ongoing learning Cooperating with the broader fellowship for peer support and supervision